The Velammal

    International School
    Soaring High
  • Velammal Knowledge Park
  • Kolkatta High Road, Panchetti - 601 204.Tamil Nadu.
  • Phone : 044-27971888/044-27972580
  • Just 25Kms from Chennai City

BRIDGE 1000 – A Sculpting Moment

“It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”The inspirational realization by Picasso leads Velammal’s Chitravathi – the school of visual arts to experiment, explore and experience an exceptional mega canvas of 1000 students and 10 internationally famed artists enlivens a lively stroke of shapes and colors. To autograph each child’s self portrait of their creation, needs an excellent haven to showcase their strokes of imagination in skill and design and play with colours. This is well addressed by Velammal’s Chitravathi – the school of visual arts with another gift hamper of 10 experienced and erudite artists 1000 young artists for CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION sharing the same platform – the harmony of minds bridging the gaps of all differences.
From Chitravathi, BRIDGE is a visual design programme – an interactive workshop (conducted from 11th Nov-15th Nov, 2014), tailor – made to suit to tend the child’s mind, to paint, sculpt a world of creativity providing the essence to explore and satiate one’s thirst for arts leaving indelible marks of unforgettable experience, tasting friendship and real skills.

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