The Velammal

    International School
    Soaring High
  • Velammal Knowledge Park
  • Kolkatta High Road, Panchetti - 601 204.Tamil Nadu.
  • Phone : 044-27971888/044-27972580
  • Just 25Kms from Chennai City

Safety & Security

The security guards are deployed in key areas under the supervision of chief security officer. The safety and well-being of all hostellers is organized and monitored by a team of residential male/female securities as appropriate. The security is enforced by manning all vulnerable areas and points such as hostel, in/out gates, electrical installations and vehicles parking areas. Area patrolling and perimeter patrolling by security guards during after-hours ensures security of the area. Security alarms, walkie-talkie units for all security personnel coupled with optimized deployment of personnel maintains the security of the TVIS environment.

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