Director’s Message| Velammal International School

Director’s message

Director’s message

Director, Velammal Educational Trust

The Velammal International School is the true symbol of new-generation CBSE Schooling. This fully air conditioned, technology enabled futuristic campus is scientifically planned and artistically designed with all the modern amenities to groom the global citizens. TVIS creates an ideal Gurukul ambience conducive to a healthy education that nurtures a positive outlook in the students to emerge as a confident individual with sound values and a progressive global outlook. The school follows a well defined objectives and guidelines to fulfill its Vision and Mission.
When you are fishing in the ocean, you do not use a fishing line. You spread a net. Similarly when the students are being prepared for global challenges the education and curriculum too needs to be global. Everything about The Velammal International School is the international facilities, infrastructure, course, curriculum and teaching. It is therefore not surprising that the students too are from different parts of the globe. We at TVIS have had students from more than 25 countries. The school stands out with complete nurturing care, emphasizing on the all round development of the student. The futuristic curriculum lays equal emphasis on academics and personality development.