Vision and Mission | Velammal International School

Vision & Mission

To strive for excellence in imparting education at par with international standards and enable students to make effective contributions to society.
To create knowledge and promote personal growth opportunities for the students to reach greater heights in life.
Our Motto
Impart Education. Nurture Knowledge.
Quality Focus
At TVIS, our primary focus is to develop tomorrow’s professionals today. “It is advisable to follow not just best practices, but to develop next practices and blaze a trail and stay ahead of the pack”, said Late C K Prahalad, the world renowned management guru. True to his words, we at TVIS have realized that quality in higher education is the top priority and embarked on a mission to groom the young minds and channelize their energy to develop in to true professional. For any structure the foundation has to be strong enough to build further. At TVIS, we enable the students to strengthen their academic foundation and inculcate a sense of all round discipline by creating a salubrious environment that kindles knowledge and brings an insight to the promising academic enlightenment in the minds of the students. There by we aim to build inquisitive and analytical thinking process that helps the students to hone their skills and develop the competitive spirits to reach greater heights in future.