Health Care| Velammal International School

Health Care

The campus health organization is headed by a resident Medical Officer who with his team ensures the health and hygiene of the TVIS campus. A 20 bed TVIS hospital including dental care is centrally located for dispensing health and handling all hygiene/sanitation issues. The periodic health examination of the staff and students, daily medical OPD and trauma care is dispensed from the campus hospital. Two ambulances on call with stretcher, oxygen and first aid are available 24×7 for any emergencies.

Periodic spraying of mosquito repellent in vulnerable areas during rainy seasons, medical advices on precaution to be taken during seasonal changes and training on remedial measures such as first aid, dehydration etc. are routinely dispensed by the medical officer. Besides we have regular tie up with reputed hospitals in the city for critical emergency cases. In such cases the patient is transferred to such hospitals for further treatment and care.